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© 2014 by Oliver Hilbert. All rights reserved.

About Revilo3D  aka Oliver Hilbert

Welcome to my new and refreshed website for revilo3d.com. My name is Oliver Hilbert and I am a 3d and visual effects artist. I am strongly focussed on the marriage of art and technology and have been doing so for the last  20 years - beginning with a lot of audio based projects involving acoustics and synthesis. I now focus on VFX, filmmaking, photography  and computer graphics in general.

Professionally I hold a position as a VFX Trainer at DNEG Visual Effects where I live and breath computer graphics and visual effects. The rest of my time I spend extensively researching and up skilling in anything and everything I feel grows me as a technical and creative artist and is of value to pass on the my peers and students.

Photograph by Aleks Sakowski